Alix de La Forest X Constance Fournier: A first successful collaboration

The collaboration of Parisian made-to-measure shoe designer Alix de La Forest with our 2018 Collection is the result of a meeting between two companies that represent the excellence and virtuosity of our crafts in our respective fields.

Because the values we share are the same: a taste for working with materials while respecting traditional craftsmanship techniques, a constant attention to detail in our creations that we want unique and trendy, and a love of beautiful things.
Let us be guided by our imagination and their technicality, we have created three pairs of exclusive shoes for our new collection with Andalusian influences.
The classic Flamenco dance shoes are thus revisited to strut around in a flamboyant brocade. The rich silk fabric enhanced with embroidered designs perfectly complements the ostensibly profuse Dolores dress.
The embroidered flowers in the shimmering colours of the traditional Tango shoes make the Magdalena dress dance and accentuate the strong character of the Maribel dress.
As for the Abanico shoes (fan translation in Spanish!), designed both in the Constance Fournier workshop and with the confidential Parisian bootmaker Alix de La Forest, they extend the organza pleat that makes the signature of our Carlotta dress.

The meeting between our two brands was obvious because both were driven by common concerns: original creations, an obsession with perfect fit and the search for the most beautiful materials.
After this first try, we only wait for one thing, to start over!

Did you know that the stage of assembling all the parts that make up a shoe is called, in the jargon of boot makers, “the wedding hall”? An evidence of more than combining our two skills!)