No credit! A stamp for each creation

From now on, at Constance Fournier, all our dresses are stamped with a number. This seal attests to the authenticity and uniqueness of each wedding dress.

This year, 48 dresses will come out of our workshop in Tours. And not one more! The 2018 season is launched and the numbers on our punches are gradually destemmed.

Why not more dresses, you might ask?

It is a real choice on our part because we want our stylists-modellers to make each dress from A to Z, i.e. from the design to the sewing of the last button and this is precisely what makes us craftsmen of art, creators of unique works! We spend more than 70 hours per dress.

Faithful to tradition, the House of Constance Fournier perpetuates the use of the stamp born in 18th century Paris under the reign of Louis XV. The world capital of crafts is at the time governed by a powerful corporatism with the Master at the top of the hierarchy of craftsmen. As the sole custodian of the seal, it guarantees the quality and origin of the object.

Our delicately numbered label on our dresses is the supreme and discreet sign of the luxury of this unique model.