Aymée x Constance Fournier: You don’t change a winning team!

A second collaboration for our two houses! The Parisian tailor-made shoe maker Alix de Laforest became Aymée.

The team remains identical and always driven by values that Maison Constance Fournier shares: a love of beautiful things, a taste for working with materials while respecting traditional craftsmanship techniques, a constant attention to detail in our creations that we want to be unique and trendy.
Let us be guided by our imagination and their technicality, we have created two pairs of exclusive shoes for our new collection with Scandinavian influences
The Brita sandal is a first tribute to Carl Larsson who painted traditional Sweden so well, his folk art, family life scenes. Brita, is the first name of one of her eight children who brightened her life. The genesis of this shoe goes back to the traditional Swedish hoof, the mythical shoe that makes wood reason on the ground, “cloc, cloc, cloc, cloc”. What comfort, what style, what simplicity! In the hands of the stylists Constance Fournier, the clog opens, swings to feminize itself. But the fundamentals are there: the square heel lengthens but remains imposing, just like the flanges which keep a rustic width. The dominant colours of the Brita sandal are blue and yellow, from the colourful Swedish colours to the sole! As for brocade, it recalls the typical Kurbit motifs. With all this palette of such intense and subtle colours, it is like a painting by Vermeer, who was the first to paint with such accuracy and talent what surrounded him.

The Larsson briefs come out of a scene in Dalarna, where the Larsson family made their home at the end of the 19th century. Carl and Karin are both driven by a taste for beauty. The luminous decor of the Larsson couple’s house has had a significant influence on Scandinavian architecture and decoration. The designers Constance Fournier rushed in to design very colourful shoes, signed all our accessories, and decorated with kurbits. Their design makes them a resolutely comfortable shoe in the Scandinavian “lagom” spirit. This ballerina is in line with the elegant and fresh old school trend. Worn with white lace stockings a little baroque, the baby doll style is modernising and is in line with the trend.

Once again, chemistry has operated between our two claws. We wish Aymée and many other projects long life together.